Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Lecture 5 - Sept 30 (15-17) - Elina Eriksson

Time and place: Monday September 30, 15-17 in lecture hall V3.

Title: "Energy, IT and Design"

Lecturer: Elina Eriksson, Researcher at Green Leap, CESC/MID, KTH

Talk: Energy is one of the major issues in the sustainbility discourse, and the question is how media technology and ICT can help (or hinder) lowering our energy consumption and/or lowering our carbon emissions. In this lecture I will talk about the smartness of things, micro-generation of energy and the role that Human-Computer Interaction has to play in the development of the future energy system.

About: Elina Eriksson is working as a researcher at Green Leap and at the Center for Sustainable Communications (CESC) at KTH. She has a PhD in Human-Computer Interaction. Her research interest has been in change issues, and user-centred design. However, on a personal level, the survival of the human race and her children in particular has pushed her into climate-sustainability-zombie anxiety. Now she wants to continue to do research, not only to save the user, but also to save the planet. 

Literature to read before the lecture:

1) Zapico, J, et al. (2007), "Climate persuasive services: changing behavior towards low- carbon lifestyles". Note: available in Bilda.

2) Brynjarsdottir, H, et al. (2012), "Sustainably Unpersuaded: How Persuasion Narrows Our Vision of Sustainability".  Note: available in Bilda.

3) Broms, L, et al. (2010), "Coffee Maker Patterns and the Design of Energy Feedback Artefacts". Note: available in Bilda.

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