Monday, October 7, 2013

Instructions for seminar 4 (Thu Oct 10)

Seminar 4 will be held:
- For group A on Thursday October 3 at 10-12 in M31
- For group B on Thursday October 3 at 10-12 in M32
- For group C on Thursday October 3 at 13-15 in Q33
- For group D on Thursday October 3 at 13-15 in Q34.


This is the second to last seminar and the course is drawing to an end. Next week is the last week of lectures in the course. It is time to start to wrap up and discuss all the issues that we have touched upon in this course and we will do so in the last two course seminars. 

Before seminar 4, you will have heard two more lectures. Beyond reading the literature connected to these lectures (here and here), you should prepare for the seminar by:
- 1) reading two (short) text
- 2) thinking about/writing a seminar question and a "position paper" and
- 3) entering your question and position paper into a Google form

---------- 1 -----------

Please read the following two texts before the seminar:
- Hoffman, A. (2012). "Climate Science as Culture War"
- The latest (just-published) 2-page IPCC summary.

Optional: By all means have a look at this 18 minutes long TED talk by Jonathan Haidt,  "The moral roots of liberals and conservatives"

---------- 2 -----------

Write a seminar question and a position paper. This week, your seminar question does not necessarily have to build upon or lead to your position paper. It should however be based on this week's readings and lectures.

Position paper instructions:
How would you as a media technology engineering student formulate a plan to engage others in a sustainability-related topic of your choice?

For example and based on this week's seminar readings, could  you be a "climate broker" and if so, how? Or based on the IPCC report summary, how could it be presented in different ways to different audiences?

Tip: It might be easier if you target and address one of the "six Americas" that is presented in Hoffman's article. 

- Your paper should be between 200-600 words long. Make sure that you in some way refer to and make use of (some of) the lecture/seminar course materials in your paper. It is not the job of the teachers to in detail query and make sure that you have prepared for the seminar - it is your job to convince us that you have.

---------- 3 -----------

Please submit your seminar question though this Google form. The deadline is 24 hours before the first seminar groups will meet, i.e. Wednesday October 9 at 10.15. Write/paste your short seminar question and "position paper" directly into the Google form. 


  1. I'm in group C. Do we start the seminar at 2 or 1 pm? I guess it's 1 pm, the dates are from last week.

  2. You are right. I've fixed it - sorry!!!