Friday, October 11, 2013

Lecture 9 - panel discussion Mon Oct 14 (15-18)

Time and place: Monday Oct 14, 15-18 in lecture hall K1

Title: "Images of the future"
Moderator: Daniel Pargman, KTH/School for Computer Science and Communication/Media Technology and Interaction Design group

  • Peter Nöu, Senior Program Manager at The Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems (Vinnova)
  • Sören Enholm, CEO of TCO Development
  • Elisabeth Ekner Petersen, ph.d student at KTH/Department of Environmental Strategies Research and the Center for Sustainable Communications (CESC)
  • Daniel Berg, ph.d student in economic history at Stockholm University and secretary in ASPO Sweden

Talk: Course participants have been presented with a variety of images of the future. This lecture won't be a lecture at all, but rather a discussion between invited guests who are expected to have widely differing ideas and opinions about the future, and about the future of sustainability. Can we imagine a future sustainable society? What would it look like? What are our chances and what is our best course of action in attempting to reach that future? Furthermore, what is the role of ICT and media in relation to these questions and issues? 

About the panelists:

Peter Nõu is Senior Program Manager with The Swedish Government Agency of Innovation Systems (VINNOVA). He is central in defining and administering sectors of 'Information Society' and 'Sustainable Cities' within the 'Vinnova Grand Challenges Program'. Open data, crowd sourcing and intensive prizes are other initiatives he’s been driving since joining Vinnova in late 2008, as a senior expert in the ICT and services sectors. Prior to joining Vinnova, Peter worked 15+ years in CTO and CIO roles in various industries and startups, always engaged in implementing strategic advantages of Internet technologies. This became a passion of his already 20 years ago, when as employed by the Swedish Government, he saw the birth of the Internet economy in Silicon Valley during the years 1992-94. He later joined Telia Research and helped launch Passagen, the Swedish 'First Wave Large Portal'. Peter has also worked in the strategic management consulting firm SMG. His degree is in Engineering Physics from KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm.

Sören Enholm is the CEO of TCO Development, the organization behind TCO Certified, the international sustainability certification program for ICT products. The vision of TCO Development is that ICT is a solution in the development of a more sustainable society. Besides its certification program, TCO Development is also assisting organizations in becoming more sustainable with ICT as well as making their use of ICT more sustainable. Sören has a background in the ICT industry and has worked at several companies, including Sun Microsystems, Apple and Netscape. Sörens has a big interest in sustainability issues and wants to raise the awareness of possibilities and problems in regards to ICT and sustainabilty.

Elisabeth Ekener Petersen is a Ph.D. candidate at KTH and is one of the leading researchers in the area of social life cycle assessment (Social LCA). She has carried out the first Social LCA study on a complex product (a laptop computer) with UNEP/SETAC's guidelines and published it in a peer-reviewed journal. Elisabeth has also conducted Social LCA in two additional studies on vehicle fuels and e-waste management and is currently working on a ph.d. thesis on Social LCA. Elisabeth was part of the Swedish delegation in the international working group that developed the ISO 26000 guidance standards for Social responsibility that were issued in 2010.

Daniel Berg is a Ph.D. student in Economic history at Stockholm University (SU) and a has been a member of ASPO Sweden since 2008 (The Association for the Study of Peak Oil and gas). Daniel is also a journalist who writes about energy and finance from a long historical perspective and he is also working on a forthcoming book about the present-day "triple crisis" (energy, ecology, economy). His ph.d. thesis concerns the history of the opium trade, with a special interest in the regulation of desires in the transition from trade capitalism to industrial capitalism, and the default promotion of other desires that were better aligned with capital accumulation in an industrial energy-intense society. Daniel is a lecturer in a SU course on ICT and its economic impacts when seen as one of several industrial revolutions ("Den gamla och nya ekonomin"/"The old and the new economy"). 

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