Monday, October 14, 2013

Instructions for seminar 5 (Thu Oct 17)

Seminar 5 will be held:
- For group A on Thursday October 17 at 10-12 in Q36
- For group B on Thursday October 17 at 10-12 in Q36 
NOTE: Both group A and B will be in the same seminar room!

- For group C on Thursday October 17 at 13-15 in B24
- For group D on Thursday October 17 at 13-15 in B24 
NOTE: Both group C and D will be in the same seminar room!



This is the last seminar. We want to talk about the future. You have heard the panelists' discussions on Oct 14, and their views of the future.

We want you to prepare for the seminar by writing a position paper based on the panelists' discussions and/or the course literature. The theme of the position paper is: "What is your image(s) of the future?". If you want to, you can also reflect upon if or how this image have changed during the course.

Please submit your seminar question though this Google form. NOTE: The deadline is 16 hours before the first seminar groups will meet, i.e. Wednesday October 16 at 18.15Write/paste your "position paper" directly into the Google form. 


Position paper instructions:
- Your paper should be between 200-600 words long. Make sure that you in some way refer to and make use of (some of) the lecture/seminar course materials in your paper. It is not the job of the teachers to in detail query and make sure that you have prepared for the seminar - it is your job to convince us that you have.



  1. There was only one field in the form so I pasted both the question and the paper in the same. Im saying this because it's changed from all other submissions.

  2. Should you really post/include a specific question this time though?

  3. There is only one field this time because there is no need to post a question and we don't ask for it.

  4. Hm ok, I also did the same as Ragnar did, posted both Question and Paper in the same text box since it says "Please submit your seminar question though this Google form." in the instruction. Only after that I read the comments. Oh well, do what you want with the question.

  5. That's ok. I've been away at a retreat ("internat") for two days and have had little time and little access to the Internet (Tue-Wed). It's all good. Keep calm and carry on (