Friday, October 4, 2013

Lecture 7 - October 7 (15-17) - Henrik Åhman

Time and place: Monday October 7, 15-17 in lecture hall D2.

Title: "Social Sustainability: Society at the intersection of maintenance and development"

Guest lecturer: Henrik Åhman, Ph.D. student at KTH/CSC/Media Technology and Interaction Design.

Talk: Since the late 1980's, much of the debate on sustainability has been dominated by ecological perspectives. However, the last decade has seen an increasing interest in the social aspects of sustainability. While, to some extent, general consensus has been reached regarding the definitions of ecological sustainability, the definition of social sustainability is still in the making. This lecture will be an attempt to describe some of the more influential suggestions on how we could understand the concept of social sustainability.

About: Henrik Åhman is a Ph.D. student at KTH/CSC/MID. His research focuses on using poststructuralist theory to gain a deeper understanding of the relation between people and technology.

- Henrik will provide one or two texts after the lecture.

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